Personal Training

Personal Training

Every single new client goes through the consultation process:

  • An initial consultation where your goals are discussed. In this session we take your body fat percentage and other static measurements that allow us to look deeper into the realms of goal setting.
  • The structural balance tests and muscle fibre testing. This is done both for the upper body and lower body (depending on your level of experience). These assessments are possibly the most important you could do, they allow us to start to develop YOUR program, not some generic program given to every one.
  • Reassess your goals and choose where to go from there, choose how many sessions a week you will benefit from. Whether it be increasing muscle mass, reducing body fat via the Prioriy 6 Fat Loss Program or Sport Specific training.


Muscle Mass

Increasing your muscle mass is all about creating an periodised program that allows you to develop your strength and lean mass leading to a stronger muscular body. By developing a program that is suited to your muscle fibre makeup we can get you the most amount of results in the shortest possible time frame! Lagging body parts will be worked on and muscle will be packed on in all areas! Big results in size and strength what more could you ask for?

Sports Specific

Sports are very specific, having said that there is one common theme that runs through every sport. You need to be strong, moble and you need to be balanced. These are the two most important factors to reducing injuries and increasing performance in your sport. In the structural balance tests we find out more than how much you can lift or how flexible you are, we find out your chances of injury and look to balance the body so you can stay injury free all season long. We can develop a program that suits you and your sport. Just have a look at our testimonials.


Due to the availability of our coaches, we reserve the right to retain 30% of any personal training sessions booked in advance to cover administrative and scheduling costs. Should you wish to cancel prepaid sessions bought in bulk 30% of the total outstanding value will be retained by the trainer. Priority 6 Ltd is the gym facility, each trainer/coach is self employed and therefore billing and insurance is taken out with individual trainers/ coaches not Priority 6 Ltd.