Vivienne has been in the fitness industry for the last 4 years, since leaving the corporate world behind her and embarking on a career in personal training. Finding a balance between work, life and family is very important to her, as having 2 young children, she knows how difficult it is to balance everything at once.

Vivienne found herself being drawn to people in similar circumstances, where she can help to restore some balance into their lives through coaching in health, lifestyle and fitness. Focussing on intrinsic core, pre and post natal, pelvic floor health and diastasis healing through functional exercise and nutrition, Vivienne has helped many women achieve their goals and lose their Mummy tummies, long after baby has grown up! With a kids fitness qualification to boot, kids can join in too!

Using functional exercises and breathing techniques that have been perfected and proved, Vivienne is able to work with women that are both pregnant, post natal, those ladies falling into the CRIHAB category (Can’t Remember Having A Baby) and also pre and post-menopausal ladies.
Having always been into fitness, Vivienne recently made the change from gym weights and running to Crossfit at Priority 6, which has given her an insight even more into how strong your core needs to be to master many of the Crossfit techniques, as well as just returning to fitness. The deep core functional exercises and release methods have helped a number of people a Priority 6 with intrinsic core strength.

Sports Related Qualifications
· Holistic Core Restore® coach
· Premier Training: Level 2 in Fitness Instruction
· Premier Training: Level 3 in Personal Training
· Active IQ Level 2 Fitness Instruction (Children aged 5 – 15)
· Active IQ Level 2 Leading Health Related Activity Sessions for

Children under 5
· Burrell Education Modern Post Natal Exercise
· Burrell Education Modern Pregnancy Exercise
· Working With the Pregnant & Post Natal Client Outdoors
· KBT Strength & Conditioning Level 1
· Lorisian Food Intolerance Practitioner
· Back on Track Level 1 Back Pain Management
· CRB checked