Ollie Campbell

PT and Crossfit Coach

A former rugby professional Ollie has amassed over 8, 000 hours of practical experience of specializing in fat loss for a variety of clientele, from young fitness instructors and middle-aged construction workers and housewives to 70 year old golfers. He also has extensive experience working with elite youth sportsmen, Ollie is committed to the learning, the science of exercise training and nutritional planning to get the fastest and most impressive results in fat loss in Oxford.

An almost obsessive methodology is rooted in everything that he undertakes from training himself to planning sessions and programs. Ollie’s aim is to take the guesswork out training and nutrition so that he can accurately predict the results of his clients. There is always methodology to the madness! Ollie Campbell is one of Oxfordshire’s most sought after fitness experts. He is known as a body composition and fat loss specialist with a proven track record of getting results in a realistic time frame. Ollie’s empowering teaching style motivates his clients to reach beyond their self-built limitations and achieve results that they never dreamt possible.

In his mission to retain his reputation as one of the most educated and sought after trainers in Oxfordshire, Ollie Campbell continues to undertake personal development in movement physiology, biomechanics through strength and conditioning courses and nutrition from world renowned coaches. These health and fitness educators include the US based Charles Poliquin, whose clients have included Summer and Winter Games Olympic medalists for the last 6 Olympiads and Paul Chek, who is the prominent expert in the field of holistic health and corrective and high-performance exercise and consultant to the Chicago Bulls, Australia’s Canberra Raiders, New Zealand’s Auckland Blues and the US Air Force Academy.

Ollie has also taken it upon himself to seek out some of the best mentors in the UK, dedicating time to learn from coaches such as Tom Crudgingdon in Bath at Body Development (http://www.bodydevelopment.co.uk). Ollie continually seeks out the very best in the business from kit suppliers such as Watson Gym Equipment (http://www.watsonsgym.co.uk) to successful trainers to learn and share ideas. Ollie is an advert for business and true believer of the Priority 6 ethos, ‘Our Knowledge, your commitment, lasting results’. His dedication to a healthy lifestyle and his clients is paramount and the reason why Priority 6 is such a success


  • Diploma In Personal Training (Reps Level 3)
  • Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy.
  • PICP Levels 1 & 2 (Poliquin Institute)
  • Poliquin Performance Institute Biosignature Modulation Level 1 (2 times attendance)
  • Personal Training Mentorship Program at Body Development in Bath (http://www.bodydevelopment.co.uk)
  • Breaking the Fat Loss Plateau Workshop at Body Development
  • Poliquin Instant Muscle Strengthening Technique Practitioner (PIMST)
  • REPs Level 3 Personal Trainer.
  • Chek Institute Golf Biomechanics
  • Premier Training Certificate in Resisted Movement Training.
  • Premier Training Certificate in Movement Based Flexibility.
  • Premier Training Master Personal Trainer Award.
  • Premier Certificate in Nutritional Advice for Exercise
  • Juice Performance Certificate in Plyometric Training.
  • Juice Performance Certificate in Olympic Weightlifting.
  • Certificate in Youth Training.
  • Certificate in Female Training.
  • Certificate in Functional Program Design.
  • Certificate in Core Training.
  • Certificate in Strength Training.
  • Motivating the Motivator Workshop NLP workshop with Diane Youdale.
  • Gait Analysis Workshop with Asics.
  • Scientific Core workshop- LAPT/Paul Chek.
  • ADPF Kettlebell Instructor with Distinction
  • Juice Performance Fat Loss Strategies and Hormonal Profiling.
  • CHEK Institute Primal Pattern Movements
  • Juice Performance MMA Fitness Instructor
  • Enhanced CRB Clearance
  • Certificate in Non-Traditional Strength Training